Reduce costs while improving patient outcomes with Telehealth services.
Telehealth is the process of transmitting health-related services and information over a telecommunication infrastructure. With this, this service include both telemedicine and the non-clinical aspects of healthcare such as training and education. We offer Telehealth services for clients looking for a remote, cost-efficient solution to providing healthcare. We likewise implement IT and Telecommunication infrastructure to allow you to deliver the Telehealth services to your client.

CYITEK Telehealth services include:

  • Real-Time Telehealth.
    We implement your VA online real time, offering your clients a conduit to refer them to your specialists in other locations. We support qualified VAs with extensive experience in healthcare; thus, predisposed to handle and communicate with your clients.
  • Home Telehealth.
    Home Telehealth service allows you to monitor your patients’ vital signs and symptoms remotely. This allows you to deliver your services more efficiently as you get to check on your patients anytime, or as you need it.
  • Store-and-Forward Telehealth.
    We assist you the capture and storage your patients’ clinical data, including but not limited to X-rays, forwarding it to you for your evaluation.

Our Telehealth services are aligned with health informatics, bespoke technologies, managed healthcare, and targeted care to deliver to and provide you with the kind of service you can trust.

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