Qualify for Incentive Programs with Meaningful Use.

Take advantage of CYITEK’s professional Meaningful Use consultation services.

Meaningful Use is the use of Electronic Health Record technology to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health records, while reducing records disparities. Through meaningful use, patients’ family are engaged in the delivery of healthcare services, resulting in an improved patient care coordination. While providing for an efficient EHR technology, Meaningful Use maintains the privacy, integrity, and security of patients’ health information.

With our Meaningful Use consultation service, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved clinical services and outcomes
  • Better transparency and efficiency
  • Individual empowerment with information
  • Robust research data in health information systems

Ultimately, Meaningful Use objectives compliance qualifies healthcare organizations for incentive programs by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
We offer comprehensive Meaningful Use Consulting services for clients. We work within the appropriate timelines from implementing a customized program, to planning, and attestation we are here to help. We also provide training for your key professionals and staff regarding the complex CMS requirements, integrating a better workflow to your organization. Our Meaningful Use consultation service is also implemented while incurring in the least amount of interference to your daily operations and tasks.
We also offer Meaningful Use subsidiary services such as:

  • Incentive Program Assessment. We assess your organization and current operation procedures to identify the best suited incentive plan for you. We work with you to determine the best means to address the changes which will be implemented to your work environment getting the best out of what Meaningful Use has to offer your organization with.
  • Incentive Plan Sign-Up. We likewise assist you in signing up in an incentive plan validating that the Medicare/Medicaid IDs are properly implemented in your database.
  • Gap Analysis. Our professional consultants will analyze your current practice and identify process reengineering opportunities to meet the Meaningful Use criteria.

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