HL7 Interfacing

HL7 Interface that Works.
As a healthcare provider, you need professional HL7 Interfacing solutions for your organization.

HL7 is a set of standards complied with by healthcare organizations with regards to the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of patients’ electronic health information for patient care. HL7 describes the standards for the management, delivery, and evaluation of these health records, necessary for clinical practice and healthcare services. HL7 is composed of segments of information that are generated from one healthcare application and sent to another, as necessary for medical practice.

An HL7 interface is specifically built for healthcare organizations and medical practitioners. It connects systems with current patient information and relevant records using a standard messaging protocol. As healthcare providers and hospitals often use different systems for their services, communicating the needed patient information may be difficult; but with HL7, the retrieval of the required patient information is possible.

CYITEK offers HL7 Interfacing services with the following features:

We offer EHR / EMR implementation services that are designed to improve your workflow efficiency, collaboration, and operational control. We partner with you to implement a customizable and flexible patient documentation system that you can configure to fit your specific clinical approach, complementing your current work protocols and procedures.
An EHR / EMR system also allows you to create and manage individual patient records, enabling you to consult with the stakeholders of your healthcare services more easily, along with allowing you to consult with third-party health experts fast.

Benefits of EHR / EMR Implementation

  • Integrate All Sorts of Data. Whether it’s HL7, XML, CDA, X12, or any other data form, our HL7 interfacing solutions can integrate them all fast and easy. Our HL7 solutions are configured via standards, allowing troubleshooting to be smooth and seamless.
  • Integrate Any System. From small,compliant, home-grown systems to enterprise level systems; Our HL7 Interface services have the flexibility that you need for your HL7 interfacing.
  • Suited for All Healthcare Professional. Hospitals, Physicians, Radiology Clinics, Laboratories, Government Departments, Software Vendors, and HIEs, and many others.

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With CYITEK’s HL7 interfacing services, healthcare providers need not invest in other information systems or re-invest in other technologies. They can achieve efficient collaboration and patient records communications for less.
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