Go-Live Support

When going live with a new healthcare IT system, you need qualified go-live support professionals to successfully implement you new investments.

CYITEK offers Go-Live support for clients looking for additional resources for the implementation of a new healthcare IT technology. Our Go-Live support is aimed at backing-up your organization, staff and professionals along with the users of this new technology.

Being in the healthcare IT industry for years, on top of offering the widest array of healthcare IT tools and technologies we have what it takes to assist you in your Go-Live needs. Our professional consultants, working with our healthcare IT experts,know what it takes to make your Go-Live date a success following through its successful use in the future as well . Our professionals are extremely qualified not to mention requiring minimal ramp-up time. We are willing to work on a short-term basis only providing you with the most cost-efficient Go-Live services.

Our team have worked with countless of organizations in their need for Go-Live support on top of having been experienced in the healthcare IT field. They have ample exposure with these technologies we offer healthcare IT tools and technologies as well.

Our Go-Live Support is comprehensive. From the initial assessment of your technologies to the orientation of our Go-Live support professionals, we are here to help. Our team will be on-site, taking care of the necessary arrangements as well.

With our Go-Live support, you never have to undergo a long, tedious hiring process to finding the professionals to help you out in the implementation of your new healthcare IT implements. We become your single-point of contract for your project.

As we work passionately towards helping out healthcare organizations deliver an improved quality of healthcare services, we walk the extra mile. We train your staff and provide resources with regards to your current project.

With us, you get:

  • Go-Live professional implementation strategy with support
  • Go-Live Roadmap with timelines and staffing requirements
  • Pre-Go-Live to Post Go-Live Support
  • Project coordination and management; including communications planning, meetings, and facilitation
  • Go-Live activation

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