EHR/EMR selection and implementation

It’s about time you take your patient care to the next level.
With our EHR and EMR selection and implementation services, you get to deliver better patient care.

EHR (Electronic Health Record) or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a collection of your patients
health information compiled within a software system. Each individual record is typically comprised of patient demographics, progress notes, problems and prescribed medications, vital signs, medical history, laboratory data, radiology reports, and immunizations. With an EHR software implemented to your current system, you get to have a single platform for all your patients’ records, vital for your medical or hospital practice.

EHR / EMR Software that does the Works.

We offer EHR / EMR implementation services that are designed to improve your workflow efficiency, collaboration, and operational control. We partner with you to implement a customizable and flexible patient documentation system that you can configure to fit your specific clinical approach, complementing your current work protocols and procedures.
An EHR / EMR system also allows you to create and manage individual patient records, enabling you to consult with the stakeholders of your healthcare services more easily, along with allowing you to consult with third-party health experts fast.

Benefits of EHR / EMR Implementation

  • Efficient Creation and Management of Records. Identify patients for preventive visits and screenings,monitor patients’ progress real time, and track patient’s records on blood pressure, vaccinations, etc.
  • Better Patient Care Coordination. Coordinate access to healthcare resources, keep track of patients’ care and procedures in real time, and simultaneously keep track of the patients’progress for all healthcare professionals in a care team.
  • Exchange Data Seamlessly. Transferring patient record from a care team professional to another can be a taxing task, but with an EHR / EMR system, you get to accomplish the same instantaneously, allowing you to deliver the healthcare needed right away.

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