Biomedical Device Integration

Make informed decisions, faster
With Biomedical Device Integration, you get improved efficiency in your patient care.
The current trend in the implementation of Biomedical Device Integration systems has led healthcare providers to achieve an improved quality and efficiency in its healthcare services by automating documentation, among many others. Biomedical Device Integration systems have also allowed them to make informed decisions sooner, saving time and ultimately, lives.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities make use of electronic medical devices to effectively deliver their health services. To name some, there are EKG machines and hemodynamic monitors used to track critical patient data. This requires constant attention by the healthcare professional, costing the latter more time for other patients. Biomedical Device Integration systems automate the integration of medical device data to the existing EHR.

With Biomedical Device Integration systems, healthcare providers are able to reduce inaccuracies in their data transfer, along with having more frequent updates on patients’ progress even when they are away. Considering these advantages, a number of hospitals have already implemented BMDI systems within their facility.

We offer Biomedical Device Integration system setup that’s comprehensive and hassle-free.

From the planning to management phase, we are here to help. From our professionals to yours, our Biomedical Device Integration system services can take care of your technology assessment, interface prioritization, risk evaluation, and equipment configuration.
We likewise assist in the inventory management, technology testing, repair, and data connectivity resolution, leaving you with nothing less than a powerful, functional, Biomedical Device Integration system.

We provide BMDI services that boasts the following advantages:

  • Monitor and manage your medical devices with an integrated system, connected with your EMR
  • Analysis of real-time patient records and data
  • Real-time surveillance tools, allowing physicians to take prompt action as called for

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Your current biomedical devices may not work together without intervention you need a Biomedical Device Integration
system to optimize its functionality, ultimately resulting in the benefit of your patients.
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